Vernissage DogDogDog

Joignez vous à nous pour le vernissage de la nouvelle exposition dans le Studio par l'artiste Tayler Buss! DogDogDog explore les idées de préservation physique et de mortalité.


le 3 novembre, 2022


entre 19 h 00
et 21 h 00


Le Studio

219 boul. Provencher, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0G4

Opening Reception DogDogDog

DogDogDog explores ideas of physical preservation and mortality. This exhibition employs plaster casting and replication processes as a way to examine anxieties surrounding temporality, impermanence, and death. Through readymade objects and plaster casts, the work emphasizes a potential infinite found in tangible objects. 

Presented alongside one another, the readymades and casts emphasize each other's materiality through contrast. The casting process white-washes the original objects, producing diluted copies devoid of life. The plaster casts recontextualize the readymade’s original utility. What were once useful pieces of equipment are now static art objects. 

Plaster casts are a recurring motif throughout this body of work. Seemingly frozen in time, the casts are a haunting shell of an object that once was. Their perfect, unchanging surface evades the natural countdown of time, consequently outlasting the human body. Multiple replicas confront the singularity of a fleshy body; a reminder of the inevitable ending one will face.